Monday musings and link to giveaway

Posted by admin on Jul 26, 2010 in Musings

Well, I guess I didn’t make my goal of posting over the weekend. It is unbearably hot here and so humid that you can almost drink the air. It does a number on me and I just couldn’t bear sitting in front of the computer to post. However, the very rare and endangered Turk’s Cap Lily bloomed on Sunday and I did get a pic with my phone. This bloomed the year I bought my house and possibly one other year, but since then the deer have eaten it despite sprays and weird protective housing. So this year I got three tomato cages clustered around it and then put long sticks through at all angles to provide a barrier. If the deer should knock into it, sticks would start falling this way and that and hopefully scare off the deer. I have been watching it closely and so far, no deer munching.  And then it bloomed! My photos won’t do it justice, but it’s a rare sighting so at least I captured it. I’ll see if I can get a photo with my camera soon.

And if you like paper and mail art, check out Maria’s great paper giveaway at her blog. That site has some great photos of her lovely postal goodies and she also has another blog here.

Now I must go sit under a fan and dream of getting AC.


Long Time, No Post

Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2010 in Musings

I don’t know if anyone is still following this after such a long absence, but I am going to do my best to get back into this. I was hit by hundreds of spammers and too overwhelmed to sort through them all. My wonderful son has put in a spam filter that seems to be working. Or else it’s blocking everyone.

I have been busy with a traveling mail art journal and have finished it finally! It was hosted by Bianca through 1001 Journals and has been the best fun. If I’m lucky, here are the pictures:



Click on an image to see the full page. Why it put the first two vertically and the next two horizontally, I have no clue.  But that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope to post at least once a week now that I’ve jumped back in the saddle. Have some new pens and inks to review … coming soon.

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