Cat postcards

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Here is an old and new cat postcard sent by penpal Julie at Whatever. I am a cat person and my cat, Shadow, has been keeping me warm while I get over a sinus infection. My brain is addled, so if I manage to post these photos it will be a miracle.  Here’s the postcard kitties – click to see full size image:

             where sleeping cats lie                   cat yoga

Well, I won’t be doing Halasana but maybe Shadow will give it a try. His favorite yoga move is the Gargoyle. He tips his whole body sideways, flattens his ears and dilates pupils to full screen, and spreads his toes – digging in because he literally is sideways in this pose. It’s short-lived though, he usually falls off the sofa after a few seconds of sideways levitation. One day I will capture this on the camera. Usually the Gargoyle pose precedes a game of chase around the coffee table … all of which ends up with a game of laser tag or else he bites ankles, steps on keyboard, or swats and my hand and anything else on the desk.

Coming Soon … I have received a Journal21 from Karen of Exaclair at Quo Vadis blog and plan to review that next. The creeping crud sort of ate up my weekend, so I didn’t get around to doing it today. Don’t want germs on that lovely paper!



First Post

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Site under construction. Please come back soon for musings, reviews, and fun with snailing.

For now, here is my favorite pen company:


One of my favorite blogs is Missive Maven.

Here’s a scan of J. Herbin Rouge Opera:

J. Herbin Rouge Opera

J. Herbin Rouge Opera


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